Maybe invincible is pushing the envelope a bit, but I’ve got to say getting my Covid 19 booster last week makes me feel safer than I’ve felt in quite a while. In seven days the vaccine will reach maximum effectiveness and I’ll truly feel as strong as Wonder Woman (my favorite superhero). Even with my sore arm, I feel a freedom and lightness of heart I haven’t felt in almost two years.

Anyone who tells me they don’t have Covid exhaustion, is either lying or they really enjoy their solitude. Unfortunately, many who are not vaccinated are NOT living in isolation and with their blatant disregard for science and their strong desire to socialize, the pandemic rages on.

Sadly, I know a couple of people who have refused to vaccinate, and although they are at least being careful, I really wish they would reconsider. The biggest fear is an allergic reaction (like Aaron Rodgers – Really, Aaron, a big strong guy like you? If you’re so afraid of drugs, I hope you don’t take anything for your injuries. That shit is much more toxic than a Covid 19 vaccine.). But I digress. I know from experience that allergies can be concerning. I’ve had a few scary allergic reactions to prescriptions in my time, but I took a leap of faith with this vaccine and now I feel like I can actually leap tall buildings – or at least have coffee with my friends. One step closer to truly being INVINCIBLE!           

Polio almost erased us

For anyone who is still not convinced that the vaccine is safe, please ponder some history: What would have happened if our predecessors refused to get vaccinated for smallpox? Or measles? Or polio? Or whooping cough? Many of us would not be here today because our grandparents or parents wouldn’t have lived to bear children. My own father nearly died of polio before vaccines were available and before I was conceived. (I’m so glad he survived to give me my life! But his life would have been so much better without the residual effects of his polio).

Vaccines have saved so many lives so why is this vaccine suddenly a symbol of freedom – a political war cry? When did we stop caring about our fellow humans for the sake of politics? This is not a political issue; this is a matter of LIFE or DEATH.

I’m sure everyone knows my politics and either agrees with me or…likes me anyway. I hope I haven’t overstepped my reach on my usually non-political blog, but if I’ve pissed some people off, so be it! I will no longer be silent on an issue that could have ended the pandemic months ago. If you disagree, please feel free to express your views in the comments.

To anyone who is still reading, this is my plea: Get a shot in the arm and do your part in saving humankind.

Love to all. Be safe, be kind and be like me – Invincible!


2 thoughts on “Invincible

  1. Good post, Jacquie. And I both agree with your politics AND like you. Maybe THAT’S why you feel so invincible??!! (TeeHee!) Stay well, my friend. Gene

  2. I also agree with your post and politics. We have also gotten our boosters and like you feel more protected now then ever before.

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