Do You Take This Man?

No, I’m not getting married, but a character in my next novel just might be taking the plunge. Did I say plunge? The marriage is set to take place on a cruise ship heading to Mexico, but will someone “fall” (or be pushed) overboard in the wake of these nuptials? Luckily, you’ll soon be able to find the answers to these questions when my second book is published in 2023.

Yes, it’s true! My second book, titled Do You Take This Man?, has been accepted by my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. While my last book may have had an element of mystery, there were no dead or missing bodies. I guess if you write long enough, the imagination conjures up a myriad of mishaps, mystery and mayhem—all of which are found in Do You Take This Man?. The darker theme garnered me a place in my publisher’s Crimson Rose line of mysteries and thrillers.

For those of you who know me, you are well aware that I never thought I would write a complete novel, much less get it published. But my dream came true with the release of The Price of Secrets (in the Champagne Rose line) in 2021and now the dream continues.

So, do you have a dream? I urge you to follow that dream whatever it may be (assuming it’s legal, of course). I can’t stress enough how satisfying it has been to take a journey into an unknown world—a world I have jumped into with both feet. Even if publication had eluded me, I wouldn’t trade the experience of working with other writers—sharing my words as I learned from theirs and proudly joining the writing community both in person (finally) and online.

Life really is about the journey. The destination keeps changing as we reach each milestone, so just keep traveling, living your dream and learning along way.

P.S. Just a heads up. The second book is a sequel to The Price of Secrets, so if you haven’t read the first, please visit my website and click on the Amazon link where you can read the first few chapters. I would love to share my words with more of you so I will give away a copy of The Price of Secrets to the first two people who comment on my blog at Make sure you give me your email or Facebook information so I can contact you privately to arrange to send you the book. Or  contact me through Facebook at Jacquie May Miller.

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