Sounds of Silence

As I sit in silence wondering when the internet will be reconnected so I can watch TV or listen to music, I realize how lucky we are to live in a world full of sights and sounds stimulating our minds. Or are we? Maybe we’d be more prone to use our imaginations if the images were not plastered on the TV. As a kid, I conjured up all sorts of scenarios when reading books, but now we all succumb the images chosen by the film makers and honestly, they do not always match the vision I held while reading a book.

I have no expectation of my books being made into movies (not that I’d turn down an offer), but I can only imagine that there are as many versions of my characters as there are readers. We all see the world differently and as hard as I try to describe people and scenes, there will always be room for interpretation. That being said, if you know a movie studio looking for an emotional family drama (The Price of Secrets) or a mystery on a cruise ship (Do You Take This Man?), please give them my number.

But back to this silence thing. The lack of sounds in my home today (even the dog is sleeping) makes me realize the fear I feel as I lose my hearing. Quiet time can be refreshing for a short time, but I would not want a steady diet of this. Not only do I want to see the world, but I want to hear it in all it’s loud, sometimes obnoxious tones. I want to hear the dog barking, the horns honking and the person yelling obscenities in traffic. Because if I can hear those sounds, I’m assured of hearing the sound of a trickling brook or rushing river, rain on the roof, a bird chirping in my garden, the next great piece of music or the precious words of love and affirmation from friends and family.

Technology has given me the chance to tweak my hearing, but if I say “What?” one time too many, please know that I wish I did not have to ask. I only hope that these aids to my hearing will get me through to the end. There is so much more I want to hear.

Looks like the sounds of silence are about to end. The cable and internet just came back on.  As much as I enjoyed a few hours of silence today, I’m ready to end this all too quiet morning.  I’m off to an Open Mic at Third Place Books (6:30 in Lake Forest Park) to listen to local Poets and Authors–including me! 😊