Put Me In, Coach

Put me in, Coach, I’m ready to play today. My last team didn’t work out even though we both played what we thought was our best game. That’s the problem with life, as in baseball, you can have a great individual performance, but the team might still lose. My team lost.

Time to get off the bench

I’ve been sitting on the bench for almost eleven years now and although I’ve taken an occasional at bat, I haven’t found a new “team”. So, what better way to improve my game than hiring a coach. I really didn’t believe I needed anyone telling me how to organize my life, but when I met Robin through a friend and we started talking, I knew he could get me off the bench and back in the game.

To be honest, I’m still warming the bench for now, but at least I’ve developed the skills to finally go out and play again. This time with more joy and intention and a clearer picture of what I need to thrive on a new team. I know I can’t make the team if I don’t take a few at bats and improve my game. And I know I want a teammate who has worked on his game, too.

My favorite baseball player

I never realized life was so much like baseball, but as I write this—on opening day of Mariners season—I see baseball has always been a metaphor for life. Even in high school we talked about our dates getting to first base and later many of us hit what we thought was a home run. We found a full-time team. Unfortunately, as in baseball, there were cuts and trades that led to us to warming the bench again as we searched for a new team.

As I take those tentative steps from the bench, I’m ready to climb out of the dugout, but only for the right team. My new team needs to bring me smiles and laughter every day as we take road trips near and far. Traveling through the final chapter of this journey, I want a teammate that communicates with me on the deepest level as we allow each other to bear our souls with curiosity and flexibility—a true partner. And, oh how I want adventures with a team that respects me even when I act a little crazy. In fact, I hope my teammate will also exhibit a little of the exuberance I’ve had to tamp down on previous teams. I’m ready to let the world point and laugh at my new team as we sing in the rain and dance in the street. Now that I’m no longer warming the bench, I hope this time I’ll hit a home run.

So, put me in, Coach. I’m ready to play today…

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