Welcome to May Daze

Most blogs offer advice or instruction. They tell you how to build stuff, cook fabulous meals, travel on a budget, remove wrinkles (from both your clothes and your face), improve your love life (after you’ve removed said wrinkles—ad for wrinkle cream conveniently attached) or may even tell you which books to read (more on that when my book is published).

This blog will teach you nothing—seems there was a show about nothing a few years back that did rather well in spite of the lack of content. MAY DAZE will be no more than a series of experiences from my ordinary life—no advice, no instruction—but perhaps these reprisals of everyday life will spark a memory or summon a smile. I hope so!

If you have parents (can’t think of anyone who can remove themselves from this category), siblings, friends or pets, you just might enjoy my words. I’ll start next week with Things I Learned from My Dad. Please click ‘About’ to see why Dad is my first subject.

Thanks for reading!

Contact me at: Jacquie.miller7@gmail.com

One thought on “Welcome to May Daze

  1. Fifteen years ago yesterday was the day my Uncle Richard left ” to fly with the angels” as my cousin Jan phrased it. What a wonderful idea for your first blog subject.
    From all of us who have lost fathers, uncles, grandfathers or others who were surrogate “Dads” – Thank you!

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