Make America Kind Again

I am heartbroken. I love my country and I feel like it is being torn apart by our new President.

makekindHe says he wants to make America great again. What does that mean? When was it any better than it is right now?  Does he mean he wants to go back to a time when white men ruled, women couldn’t vote and people of color were relegated to the back of the bus? I must admit it would be nice to go back to a pre-twitter universe so we wouldn’t be bombarded with half-truths and outright lies from the man who is in charge of our nation. Doesn’t he have better things to do than criticize Meryl Streep and Saturday Night Live?

Despite his penchant for twitter, he does seem to have time to ban law abiding citizens from entering our country from certain Muslim countries. Interesting that no terrorists have ever entered from these countries, but have come from the few he kept off the list. Oh, I guess the fact that he has business interests in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan may be the reason these countries did not make his list. This is reprehensible and even those who supported his presidency should see the hypocrisy here.

The people who have been left stranded include children and spouses of American citizens, students, scientists and others who may have left to visit relatives, not knowing return would be near impossible. Many have spent eighteen to twenty-four months being vetted to make sure they are not a threat (yes, it takes that long to immigrate, but we have been led to believe these people just leave Syria and hop a plane to the US—no, that’s not how it works). These people are trying to escape ISIS. They are on our team and we should welcome them, not send them back to be slaughtered by the real enemy.

While most ISIS members are Muslims, most Muslims are NOT ISIS. If we were to ban all Muslims because of a small faction of terrorists, we should ban all white males because they are responsible for the majority of mass shootings (i.e, Timothy McVay blowing up the Federal building, Columbine school shootings, Sandy Hook and the more recent killing of black Church members who welcomed Dylan Roof into their fold). Why must we put race on the face of hate. There are haters in every race, but the majority of people are good and kind and we need to welcome those who need our help.

The many friends I have made over the years are a diverse lot, representing many races, religions and sexual orientations. All but the white, straight males have been targeted by President Trump’s agenda. I am lucky to be white, but not so lucky to be a woman. The next four years will be a world of white male domination and supremacy, but I will do my damnedest to make it difficult for him to bully me and my friends. I will fight his policies at every turn. If any of my Facebook friends find this offensive, you are free to unfriend me.

As I said, I am heartbroken that I live in a world of fear and hate. I saw a post on Facebook a while back and it hit home. It said:  Make America Kind Again. Can we please stop the hate and open our hearts and minds?

11 thoughts on “Make America Kind Again

  1. At 63, I participated in my first protest march ever. I am riled to the point where I am finding my voice, however uncomfortable it may be for me to march and yell and write letters and make calls. I’m donating to causes that will fight this. I won’t “get over it” like some people are telling me. I cannot wrap my head around how any decent human being can be in support of this President’s wild, uninformed, irresponsible, reprehensible, UNKIND decisions. I’m with you, Jacquie.

  2. I don’t know if I have to be signed on to something to make a comment but I’m going to give it a try. You are so right Jacquie about every point you’ve made. It is unbelievable what Trump seems determined to do. I am an American living in Canada it has become embarrassing to admit I am an American. This pushed me over the edge. I am finally going to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Myrle

  3. I am a Canadian woman living in Canada but I have 2 brothers living in the US so I have been watching the fallout intently. Trump has no idea the ripple affect globally of his “stoke of the pen”. His language and demeanor are being watched and recorded by the world and must be an embarrassment to US citizens. But the affects have all Canadians worried. Maybe he could run the Trump empire this way but it doesn’t work when you are a president.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am embarrassed that my country elected this man. I was born on the US side of the Canadian border – so close to being part of Canada. I am envious of your great country and compassionate leader.

  4. No one that knows you and understands your compassion and empathy will ever “unfriend ” you, and I believe that the vast majority of white, male, Americans stand with you as well. The sad part is that they do so silently, without the courage to take a stand as you have. Keep up the good fight. Our country depends on it.

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